The Dollhouse

I’ve been in Toronto for the past few days and this time around I’ve explored parts of the city that I never knew as a kid.  In the past I always spent time in the west end or downtown.  The friends D and I were staying with live in the east end.  And so does this magnificent/creepy/weird dollhouse.

My friend Shawn told me that we definitely had to make a stop by this house as he and his partner found it randomly last year when they were house hunting.  It apparently made the news at one point but I’m sure that was long ago.  We pulled up and I was delighted and horrified at the same time.  Who would do this to their house, what do they look like?  After stoping and staring and taking a few snaps we walked around the neighbourhood.  On the way back the owners came out and their outfits definitely matched what you would think it would living in a house like this.

Upon first hearing about the house I thought only Americans do things like this and sure enough when we pulled up their flag was on the house as well.  The flag is apparently new so not sure if they are in fact Canadian or our cousins from the south.  Either way it was a freakishly cool experience.  They have a little Richard doll too.  More pictures to come of this house when I get to London.


20 thoughts on “The Dollhouse

  1. Hee hee, that is freaky cool! Although, I’m trying not to imagine how outfits that match “what you would think it would living in a house like this” would look like!!

  2. yikes! i was wondering why on earth i wasn’t getting notifications when you post…then i realized i’d forgotten to subscribe. (&%*#!) can’t wait for more of your wanderings…

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