Brixton: Gentrification & A Clash of Cultures

Brixton has undergone so much change over the years. I am not best placed to go over the history here but I do suggest you read it because it is very interesting. The one thing I did know about Brixton when I moved to London was Electric Avenue and that it was a black area of the city.

Exploring Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

From high up Reykjavik looks like a tiny toy town and it really does feel that way. It doesn’t feel like many European cities. It kind of felt like a ski resort town that you visit with school friends. I loved it though and can’t wait to return for a longer stay.

Weddings, Wine and Street Art All the Time

The past few weeks have come and gone in a blur and rather than post on each thing individually I’m going to throw it all together and see what we get.  For some trips I will post separately later but for now let’s get up to speed. I’ve been having very extreme emotional highs and…

I’ve Been Around the World – Street Art Tour

I give you my world street art photo essay. I didn’t blog about street art at all last year which is very unlike me, it’s kind of my thing. So here we are, this is what I’ve saw in 2015 and 2016 so far.

Paradise is Closer to London Than You Think

The past few months have been a bit of a blur.  I’ve visited 2 new countries, returned to Spain for a week, been to Guernsey (again!) started wedding planning and found out Monday that I’ve gotten a new job.  Oh and my mother lands here in 5 days.  Let’s just say the second half of…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

I can’t wait to properly post about Iceland.  For now here is a taste with this week’s Photo Challenge.  This was taken last week Saturday on a road trip from Reykavik to Vik in the South of Iceland. The weather and the light changed so rapidly.  We were on our way back to Reykavik and…