At Home: In Canada and On Holiday

It still counts if you go to your home country.  I’m currently back home in Canada at my parent’s house in the ‘burbs.

St. Lawrence Park, Port Credit Mississauga

D convinced me to leave my computer at home so my intent on regularly blogging will be hindered.  All we have here are PCs.  While I still use a PC at work since switching to a MAC myself a few years ago I’m much more used to editing my pictures with that software…and it’s better.  So I will be posting but not as frequently.  I suppose that is the point of a holiday, to step away from the internet.  Yeah, not really working right now.

So what is going on in exciting Mississauga you ask?

Not much, but I like it that way.  Nice to step out of the hustle of London life and relax with way fewer people around and way more greenery and fresh air.  Unfortunately we seem to have brought the rain with us where there was none before, but it has dried up and the temperature has still been great.

The picture here is a new park that was constructed in 2004.  I didn’t know it existed until D and I wandered there while walking around in Port Credit, a village in Mississauga.  In my opinion it is the cutest area in the city and if I ever lived in Mississauga again (which I never will), I would live in this area.  The area has cute shops, it contains my favourite second-hand bookshop, and it is very walkable.  Being by the water just tops it all off.  There were a bunch of swans there too but as we had no bread they quickly got bored and swam away.

The reason for this trip was to be present at my older ‘s wedding.  He got married on Saturday in Toronto.  Him and my sister-in-law looked amazing and I will be doing a proper post on that as her dress and fascinator were a highlight.

Finally, I did watch the closing ceremony and, well, it didn’t deserve its own post.  I enjoyed some elements of it but overall it was obvious they didn’t try too hard.  However, can I say I am EXCITED for the Rio Summer Games, hello Brazil!  I’ve wanted to go to Brazil for a long time, but now I am contemplating a trip during their games, you with me?


12 thoughts on “At Home: In Canada and On Holiday

    1. Forgot to mention: opening ceremony was better than the closing ceremony, in my opinion. The closing ceremony was terrible (to me), but it can’t beat the opening ceremony.

      1. Yeah they were probably just happy that they made it through with no security threats and team GB won enough gold so it didn’t matter. Have fun at home! Nice to relax around the people who know you best.

  1. Thank you for sharing a little glimpse of your world back home! It looks so beautiful there! If I visited I might never want to leave!

    I’m not sure about Brazil during the Olympics. It’s the summer games right? During their summer and our winter? It could work.

    1. You are welcome, and I am tempted to stay! Yes it would be the summer games, and I’m not sure I would actually go for the games. I’ve always wanted to go for their carnival so maybe I’d do that instead.

  2. There is something comforting about visiting home – and I love discovering all of the ‘new’ things when I return. It’s almost like it happened over night.

    1. Agreed, and it has been great this time around so far. Only thing which is always difficult is fitting in visits with everyone. I’m not going to stress about it though. Congrats on being able to stay in Norway!

    1. Let’s face it, there is nothing for us here but childhood memories. I’ve actually really enjoyed being in sauga this time around but I know living here would drive me up the wall.

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