Home Again

The reason for me returning to Canada twice in one year?  A wedding of course.  My older brother finally proposed to his girlfriend of almost 10 years and they set the date for August.

When he proposed last year my tickets for my flight home in December were already purchased.  If not I would have cancelled that trip and just gone in the summer.  Oh well, it has been nice to be home twice in one year.  David and I apparently brought the rain with us as it rained for a bit on their wedding day.  Besides that our whole trip was mostly sun.

My siblings and I standing in birth order from left to right

The wedding took place in Toronto with the ceremony and reception being held in a restaurant that proved to be a perfect venue for the size and feel of the wedding.  It was intimate with no more than 100 people in attendance.  I prefer smaller weddings I’ve decided.  I’ve been to some pretty big ones and just felt like another face in a crowd.  The ceremony was a good length as well.  They were married by a long time friend of the bride’s family.  I did a speech that went over well, or at least that is what people said.  I had a great time and I especially enjoyed seeing my extended family, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years.  As you see I donned my garden party outfit, any excuse to wear that fascinator again.


13 thoughts on “Home Again

    1. Her hat was gorgeous. Outdoor is always nice, unless it rains. But even though it rained when we were taking pictures they came out well so I guess as long as you have umbrellas you’ll be fine.

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    1. Thanks Jay! Yes smaller is much more intimate and manageable for the bride and groom. They actually get to talk to everyone and really thank them for being there and sharing the moment.

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