Brixton: Gentrification & A Clash of Cultures

Brixton has undergone so much change over the years. I am not best placed to go over the history here but I do suggest you read it because it is very interesting. The one thing I did know about Brixton when I moved to London was Electric Avenue and that it was a black area of the city.

Exploring Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

From high up Reykjavik looks like a tiny toy town and it really does feel that way. It doesn’t feel like many European cities. It kind of felt like a ski resort town that you visit with school friends. I loved it though and can’t wait to return for a longer stay.

Weddings, Wine and Street Art All the Time

The past few weeks have come and gone in a blur and rather than post on each thing individually I’m going to throw it all together and see what we get.  For some trips I will post separately later but for now let’s get up to speed. I’ve been having very extreme emotional highs and…

On the Road Again & More London Street Art

The day has finally come and I am heading abroad for the first time since August 2012.  D and I are going to Barcelona for a week to celebrate his birthday.  The following week we will be hosting my friend Erin and she and I and a friend of hers will venture to Berlin for…

The East End

Back in July David and I hosted my 3rd friend from Canada this year, Lindsay.  She was only in London for 4 days, short but we were able to cover a lot of ground. The main problem with London is there is way too much to see.  Always a festival, concert, or one off event…

Always Look Up

I am guilty of looking down, sometimes too much.  Partly due to dog owners thinking cleaning up after their pet is merely an option (to be avoided) and uneven side walks. I went into central after work today to meet up with a friend for dinner and D came along last minute as he works…

Meeting of the Styles UK

Yesterday in north London there was an outdoor street art/graffiti party, it was an all day event.  I made it out for the after party and to see a few artists finishing up their work.