Photo Essay: Portobello Road Market

It is hard to believe that it has taken me so long to get to this market.  When you live in a particular part of London, North South East or West you sometimes become a bit insular.  When I lived in North London I could count on my hand the number of times I went…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Life has been so very drab in London for too long and I have been waiting for spring/summer to breathe some colour into the city. This week’s photo challenge has come at the right time.  To celebrate the sun (or lack there of) here is my gallery of yellow.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Kyoto Japan 2007: After walking through the historic Gion District my friend Shawn and I continued to wonder and stumbled upon Yasaka [a Shinto] Shrine.  Drawn by the light of the lanterns we were pleasantly surprised by our find. Find the original challenge here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This challenge was made for me as green is my favourite colour!  My zodiac element is earth, a possible connection?  I think I love green so much because growing up in Canada and adjusting to actual seasonal changes, green signifies that things have thawed after a long winter and is one of the biggest signs…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Designed by Foster and Partners, the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court transformed the Museum’s inner courtyard into the largest covered public square in Europe. It is a two-acre space enclosed by a spectacular glass roof with the world-famous Reading Room at its centre.

Travel Moments: My Seven Super Shots

A few months back Jen at She Went Away invited me to participate in a blogger challenge entitled my seven super shots.  I loved the idea but it has taken me ages to get around to the task.  Now that I am actually going to do something with my photos (besides blogging with them) I figured it…