Slow down: Relax in So Spa at Sofitel London

This Christmas season is already shaping up to be very different from any other.  Following D’s lead from last year I’ve given myself a goal to finish all Christmas shopping by December 1st and I am well on target to make that.

This year I want to enjoy the season but not too early, so I will only allow myself to indulge in all things Christmas, markets, food/drink and decorating the flat when December comes.  Getting gifts and cards out of the way means less stress hence the deadline.  When I was contacted a few weeks ago to try out a spa experience I thought it would be the perfect way to relax and delay the quickly approaching holiday season.


The Wahanda website made it incredibly easy to narrow down my search for a treatment or spa day in London.  It is the largest online health, beauty and wellness marketplace and this is immediately clear as there is an extensive listing of venues throughout the country.  It allows for easy compare and contrast of what is on offer.  I was also happy to see customer’s feedback on their spa experiences which helped guide me to choosing a spa day for two at the luxurious five star So Spa London St James.  Even if you don’t go to this spa you need to treat yourself to a spa day soon.

D and I took time off from work to attend on a Friday as we bought a voucher for the spa on Wahanda’s website that was only valid Mondays-Fridays.  Although located in central London, not far from Trafalgar Square, you will feel like you’ve left the city completely and are in another world the minute you step into So Spa.

The impeccable service here started immediately.  D and I were ushered into a gorgeous room and given tea and sweets while we went through our consultation sheet and specified what treatment we wanted and other details for the day.  We both opted for a one hour massage with oils and also decided to be in the same room.  I was impressed to find that everything, down to the music played during the treatment, can be completely personalized.

After tea we changed into robes and slippers while our therapists prepared our room.  After the massage we were both so relaxed that the thought of getting up and doing anything seemed like a chore.  However we had afternoon tea to look forward to.  Guests have the option of then changing back into regular clothes or keeping your robes on for tea, so we did.

A menu of teas were presented to us with descriptions of their health benefits, in the end I went for White Peony.  Teas sorted we chatted away until presented with cakes, fresh sandwiches and scones.  There was so much we couldn’t finish it all but we did make sure to try a little bit of everything and as expected it was all delicious.

We had the option of lounging around more in a relaxation room but after 3 or so hours it was time to return to reality.  The staff were all polite, friendly, and welcoming.  There were other guests but they were few and far between so we had most of the facilities to ourselves.

The voucher we purchased was for the So Magnifique Spa Day:

  • Choice of one 60 minute treatment, from the selection:
    • Facial OR
    • Massage
  • Relaxing in the SO: ZEN Relaxation Room
  • Afternoon Tea with a selection of Scones, Sandwiches and French Pastries

The cost for this spa day was £160 (80/person) which is quite a good deal.  Especially considering an afternoon tea of this quality would likely be at least £30.  We’ve already decided that we will return to this oasis for a massage again and maybe work a spa break into a future trip.

So Spa is a part of the Sofitel St James Hotel and does not have a separate entrance.

6 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AN
Tel: +44 (0)20 7747 2200

*I was contacted by Wahanda and received a complimentary voucher for the purposes of this review.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christmas shopping done by December 1st? Very ambitious & impressive! I have not started mine! But a spa day is something more like up my alley. 🙂 I promised myself some major pampering after my long-term travels abroad. I cant wait!!

    1. Wanderlust23 says:

      Very ambitious, I thought it might be nice to get it out of the way (also because I had to shop stuff to Canada) and enjoy the season. Technically I missed the mark by a few days but all done now. A pamper day is very much needed. I love traveling but I also love getting home and relaxing in my own space. I’m sure NYC has some nice spas.

  2. Mandy says:

    It sounds just perfect and that is a great price for what you got! I said it after our Bridgewood experience and reinforced that after our spa morning in Belfast, I am definitely spending more time in spas in future!!

    1. Wanderlust23 says:

      I already want to return, I’m going to look into getting another massage soon. The service was impeccable, they set an impossibly high standard so I will just have to go back here.

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