Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Life has been so very drab in London for too long and I have been waiting for spring/summer to breathe some colour into the city. This week’s photo challenge has come at the right time.  To celebrate the sun (or lack there of) here is my gallery of yellow.


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  1. Mandy says:

    I love this selection of photos! Just what I needed to brighten up this Monday morning. Yup, London has become pretty drab indeed but am hoping to reclaim spring this week!

    1. Mandy says:

      By the way, I love the photo of the doorway with the antiques sign!

      1. Wanderlust23 says:

        We’re off to a good start this week, fingers crossed there is no more snow on the way.

  2. Alee says:

    An orangey yellow! Very nice.

    1. Wanderlust23 says:

      Just looking at yellow makes me happy. How’s the weather on your side of the pond these days?

      1. Alee says:

        It’s really sunny and hot over here! *fans self* But I live in the South; in the North it’s still pretty cold.

        1. Wanderlust23 says:

          Lucky! Send us your warm thoughts. I’m hoping to head south on a road trip in the summer if goes to plan…New Orleans 🙂

  3. bhavani says:

    lovely pics…
    and like the way you can arranged them in a mosaic.. instead of one below the other!

    1. Wanderlust23 says:

      Thanks! Glad wordpress gives us more options to make interesting posts with pictures like this.

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