The East End

Back in July David and I hosted my 3rd friend from Canada this year, Lindsay.  She was only in London for 4 days, short but we were able to cover a lot of ground.

The main problem with London is there is way too much to see.  Always a festival, concert, or one off event taking place.  The best way to go about your visit is to have a think about what you would like to see, maybe book some tickets early but just get here and see what is on.  Not taking into consideration the last 18 or so months of celebration (kicking off last year with the royal wedding) there is always something that you will find interesting.

Lindsay had flown in to Paris a few days prior and she found out about Invader, a prolific French street artist.  I saw a lot of his stuff when I was in Paris last year and a few of his pieces in London.  As she was keen to see more of his work I suggested we meander in east London.

Even though I had been on the Alternative London tour last year I couldn’t remember all the streets where most of the art was so we just walked around.  We did find some space invader but it was the other pieces we found that I really enjoyed.  I recognised Roa’s work, and also the artist responsible for the art in the first picture but sadly do not remember his name.  His art was featured on the most recent Apprentice.

More street art to come as before going to Canada I organised an expat meet up to do the Alternative London Tour, again for me and the first time for the other bloggers.  Check out my post from the tour David and I went on last year.  You can check out Jen’s post here, and Mandy’s post here.


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