The Docklands Museum

On a recent visit to the Museum of London I read a placard advertising a visit to their sister museum The Docklands.  Since then I’ve been wanting to pay a visit.

The museum invites you to uncover London’s long history as a port through stories of trade, migration and commerce.  The 11 permanent galleries tell the stories of London’s Docklands, the River Thames, and London’s past as one of the world’s great trading cities.

The galleries tell the story of the local communities in the East London riverside. They include the award-winning London Sugar Slavery gallery, which explores London’s part in the system of slave labour that transported Africans to the Caribbean to work on sugar plantations.  While good I would say the Museum of Slavery in Liverpool is better.

The museum is in a building that was used as a warehouse during that time to store sugar and rum.  While this specific exhibit was interesting the museum in its entirety is really good.  I really liked that the exhibits went right up to present day, discussing the development in the area, the Olympics, and the upgrades on the tube.  I would tell you to visit but now it is closed until 16 September.  The German national Olympic Committee is based here for the games.

However, equally enjoyable is a  stroll around the area.  I had never spend time in this part of London and while it has such a different feel to anywhere else I did like it.  I even found London’s Floating Church.  The church was mentioned in one of my guide books and while I am not a church or religious person I wanted to check it out.  From the outside it looks underwhelming so I think I will pass on a visit.


12 thoughts on “The Docklands Museum

  1. I was supposed to visit this museum a month or two ago but had to cancel. Thanks for the heads up about it being closed until after the Olympics. Gonna reblog this.

    1. You’re welcome. It is worth a visit though once it reopens. Or if we ever get summer like weather having a meal at one of the restaurants surrounding would be nice.

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    Short commercial break (since I still have to finish writing about my Italy trip): This is an appropriate post for this blog. Check out this blogger’s post about the Docklands Museum in London, United Kingdom.

    P.S. I know, I know – I haven’t updated this blog in a shamefully long time. I have numerous drafts on this blog’s dashboard waiting for me to finish ’em. I’m gonna try to be better about posting here.

  3. I’ve heard of this place before but didn’t realise there was a slavery exhibit there! I shall have to go! In September. I was blown away by the exhibition in Liverpool and definitely want to go back there one day too.

  4. Girl you have such a good blog! You could spend HOURS reading post after post. I had to force myself to get off. Anyway I had never heard of this museum. I will definitely be going.

    1. Thanks! Glad you are enjoying, it is fun for me to look back sometimes I even forget some of the places I’ve been. It is also free which I didn’t mention here.

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