Exploring Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount, Penzance and Land’s End

In the final installment of Exploring Cornwall I’ll be showing you a few more locations visited during my holiday last September.  If you aren’t already convinced that you need to get to Cornwall than here is another chance.

Early one morning D, his parents and I made out way out to St. Michael’s Mount.  St. Michael’s Mount is a tidal island located off the Mount Bay’s coast of Cornwall.  The castle on this island is the home of the St Aubyn family.  For more about the history click the link provided. Can you imagine growing up in a place like this?

This was the route we walked in the morning to get to the island.  When the tide is too high to walk back you must get a boat.  They charge you for that so keep small change available.

After the mount we drove out to Penzance, the capital of West Cornwall.  Penzance (or Pen Sans in Cornish) means holy headland, referring to the headland to the west of the harbour where a chapel was built over a thousand years ago. Historically Penzance has been a market town from 1592.  We only spent a few hours here as the town centre is small and easily covered in a short amount of time.


And now a journey to the ends of the earth!  Okay so not really but on our last day trip we drove to the furthest point south-west that you can go in England, aptly named Land’s End.

Remains of a shipwreck

I can’t recommend Cornwall enough.  The mix of stunning scenery, warm people, and tons of choice from outdoor activities to museums and galleries makes an amazing local holiday.

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount, Penzance and Land’s End

  1. gulldarnit Melissa, now i ReALLY want to go there. I didn’t know St. Michel’s mount was near cornwall, though. I always thought it was in Normandy. golly. did you know that there is a sister cathedral outside Torino, Italy? My cousin pointed it out to us on our way back from the airport.

    1. Mission accomplished! You’ll have a good time. I can see you liking St. Ives a lot, very artsy little town. I didn’t know that the mount even existed until I was there. I was tempted to walk along/swim on the path we took then decided against it.

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