Pottery Meet up


We are set for this Saturday!

I’ve decided to go with Biscuit Ceramic Cafe in Greenwich as the location for the other cafe was a bit far out north east.  So let’s meet at 1:00 pm this 24 Saturday inside the cafe.  Check out the link for it here.  See you there.

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  1. Jen says:

    I’m there like kittens on milk.

    Hmm… what will I paint this time?

    We’ll have to go back to pick up our stuff. I can collect it for people if you’re not able to get back to do it and store at mine. Bring it to the next meetup. That way it doesn’t sit on their hooks for too long – we won’t want to lose it!

    If anyone needs food before going there, Greenwich Market is right next door. Biscuit is a cafe too, so they also have food and tea and what-not.

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      Thanks for the info Jen! I’d be good with you picking mine up. Guess the other ladies can decide on the day. I’m excited now. I’m also bringing a non blogger so feel free to bring someone if they are interested.

  2. I’m definitely coming to the next meetup!!

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      Maybe something Halloween inspired??

  3. Emm says:

    Awesome!!! Greenwich is slightly easier for me to get to so this is just cool all round. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Do you want to email me your telephone number in case one of us gets lost or delayed?

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      Great, I was thinking it should be easier for most. I sent you an email with my number.

      1. Emm says:

        Hiya! I didn’t receive your email! Do you know which email address you used?

        1. wanderlust82 says:

          I used the one on your website. It’s a gmail account. Did you check your junkmail?

          1. wanderlust82 says:

            K will give that a try now

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