Windsor Castle

This is my second castle experience.  Dover earlier this year was cool but as the day was drizzle and fog it was not as enjoyable as Windsor.  When I asked my mother what she wanted to do when she came to visit, Windsor Castle was her one request.

Windsor castle is located in Windsor which is only a 30 minute train journey from Paddington Station, great for a day trip.  It is the oldest occupied castle in the world.  Besides the castle there is Eton College, the most exclusive in the country.  We ended up just visiting the castle but for £9 return journey I would go again soon to explore.

We took a free guided tour done by Mike, an Irishman.  He was funny and informative.  The castle was not as opulent or grand as Versailles but it was still gorgeous and was on a much visitor friendly scale.  The Queen was not in.  However, I forgot to mention in my post about the changing of the guard that we saw caught a quick glimpse of her husband Philip as he left Buckingham Palace.

Mom pretending she owns the joint

Mike Campbell

This tower is now reinforced with steel beams so it doesn’t even need this hill to stay up

Cute but touristy streets of Windsor

I recommend going but at £16.50 a ticket it is not a cheap day out.  You have the option of getting your ticket stamped which then allows it to become a year pass.  We were rushed out so quickly when leaving I forgot to ask someone to stamp our tickets.  So don’t forget if you go.

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  1. Your mommy is so pretty!

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