Cuban flavour


My second trip abroad after Japan was Cuba.  It was the quintessential all-inclusive girls week away.  I went with 3 work colleagues.  We went to Veradero just after Christmas to ring in 2008.  I had mixed feelings about the trip after but the further away I get from it, where the mixed feelings came from is just a blur and I think ‘yeah, I had fun’.

I did have fun but I left feeling like I probably never wanted to go back.  It was interesting and slightly weird to be somewhere with no American travellers, few other nationalities and SO many Canadians.  There was the odd European, we met a French guy (if I remember correctly) who was fun.  This trip solidified what I already had guessed – that I am not the all-inclusive sort of traveller.

It was nice to get away and have the flight/hotel/food/alcohol (ok so I was very happy for this part of the all-inclusive) paid for.  It was also nice to lounge in fine white sand, look out and see nothing but a perfect blue sea in front of me but even that gets tired.  We did go off resort a few times.  A day trip to Havana, clubs, and to a market.  It was nice but I would have liked to explore Havana a lot more.  I’ve decided I’d very much like to go back and this time stay in Havana, see more of the country and get a real sense of Cuban culture.

I was out of commission when it came to taking pictures because my camera was broken.  I did however take a few pictures with a friend’s and these are the ones I’ve included.

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  1. Melizza says:

    How was the food? I read on a couple of foodie blogs that it’s not so good. And as a Puerto Rican who (thinks she) eats similar foods I find it hard to believe. Unless they cook and prepare foods differently on the island than Cuban-Americans do.

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      The food sucked large. However, this is apparently just the food provided on the resorts. All 4 of us lost weight that trip from avoiding eating. We had a meal in Havana and it was decent but nothing amazing. I’ve heard the food the locals eat is quite good though. We just didn’t get a chance to experience it.

  2. Alee says:

    Oh, that’s a really cool (whatever it is) of Che.

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      Hm, yeah I guess iron type structure thing

  3. Oneika says:

    Yup, I’m not an all-inclusive gal either. I did the same thing in Cuba, but went to Cayo Coco. Food was terrible, but I think it was due more to the hotel than anything else.

    1. wanderlust82 says:

      Yeah, what a waste!

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