Rooting for the underdog

This goes out to the Londoners.  There is a book shop that is dear to my heart, it’s called the Big Green Bookshop.  Actually I posted about them on my old blog here.

The shop is calling for a little extra support in the coming months as they have a bank loan to repay and are having difficulties.  It’s more than a place to get books as they are heavily involved in the community and run various activities, events, and have authors come in for readings.  The only reason I don’t go regularly anymore is because I have moved out of the area.  However, I’ll be in North London this weekend and I plan to visit and show my support with picking up my next couple of books there. 

So if you are a book lover and you’d like to help a local book shop check them out.  Even if you aren’t in the area you can order online. 

Here is the website:  Oh and they blog here:


2 thoughts on “Rooting for the underdog

  1. Beyond the fact that the bookshop sounds neato, Wood Green/Palmer’s Green seem like really nice areas – i had an interview at the women’s refuge in Palmer’s Green. Just a random fact.

    • Palmers Green is nice. Wood Green high street is a bit grimy but a good alternative to large shopping areas. They have a decent selection of stores and small street markets with fresh veg, fruits, and flowers.

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