What is Old is New Again
Festivals / London

What is Old is New Again

  Last weekend an age old tradition was revived: the London Pleasure Garden. A Pleasure Garden is usually a garden that is open to the public for recreation purposes. Historically they differed from other public gardens in that they served as venues for entertainment, featuring concert halls or bandstands, rides, zoos, and menageries. The festival D, Jen, and I went to … Continue reading

Festivals / Music

Lovebox 2011

I’m 2/3 days into my first music festival!!  The Brits are serious about them.  There is a lot of choice to fit your tastes occurring throughout the summer.  Lovebox is being held in East London, Victoria Park to be exact.  You probably have heard of Glastonbury which is their biggest music festival. We choose Lovebox … Continue reading

Festivals / Manchester


Picture credit   A while ago I blogged about the inspiration for the title of this blog.  It is a Bjork song with the same name.  This past Sunday I ventured to Manchester to see her in all her quirky glory.  Bjork is in residence in Manchester at the moment launching her Biophilia tour.  She will officially … Continue reading